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Before You Move to LA

Hello filmmakers and welcome back its Andrew. I just got to LA and I've had some time to reflect on that whole experience, and I want to talk to you about things that you can do to better prepare yourself to come to LA or maybe make a   different decision.

First thing I'm gonna recommend is that when you move here need to come up with a friend, or you follow a friend.  One of the things that's made it difficult to get paying jobs since I moved here in the fact that I came here and didn't really know anybody. I mean there was a few people in my extended Network said I reached out to but sometimes those connections don't always pan out. So that's why I'd recommend you either meet someone who has already been here for a long time preferably a friend or come with someone because between the lot of you,  you'll be able to work something out together. 

 The next recommendation I'm going to make is that you come with a project in mind because sometimes when there's downtime between gigs or like me you're still working on that first one the best way to get noticed is to come up with a project on your own.  By getting a project together you can get a feeler out of a type of crew that you can gather together, and it's a great networking opportunity. You get a project and some more people in your circle instantly. It's a great strategy.

Another thing that I'm going to suggest is that you come to Los Angeles with a budget in mind.   To the surprise of absolutely no one,  living in Los Angeles is incredibly expensive, and it's not going to be viable for everyone to come here, to just drive across the country like I did and just find an apartment and move in.  Not everyone is going to be that lucky and so what I would recommend is that you come with a set budget, whatever that is, when you get down here.    That way you'll know after a certain amount of time has passed with no income whether or not this the is a worthwhile venture. 

Next up on the subject of a budget is getting a part-time job.  A lot of us filmmakers are coming here for, well,  film jobs. That's that's the big draw of LA and the city is not lost on that.  But at the same time, for the same reason I mentioned the budget we need to be concerned about our  income.  We need to make sure we can stay afloat so that we can actually be here.  So even though it's probably gonna suck for a little while, getting that part-time job at the coffee shop getting that part-time job at Denny's. It's going to give that extra room that extra time to your budget so that you make things work and sometimes just a little bit is all it takes.

Next up take a deep breath and relax. Just let things happen. If I was gonna go back in time to a month tell myself how things will play out, I wouldn't believe it,. But the reason why it was all able to happen is because I relinquished a certain amount of control and let things happen and here I am.

Don't give up easily.  Stick to your budget for sure. If you can't get a part-time job, take that into account for sure.   If you're coming here alone like I did take all these things into account.  But I promise you that I pushed hard through some of these hard times something great will come out of it. It happened for me, I'd like to thank it'll happen for other people too.

All right, so that's me talking about all the things they used to prepare for and think about before you come to lat. I hope it's been helpful to all y'all and I'll see you in the next video, TTYL.