Never Stop Creating

On my business card, I'm a Crew Member.
In my mind, I'm a Filmmaker.
In my heart, I'm a Storyteller.

Credits List

Hired Sword, Sucker Gun

Script Supervisor

Feature B&W Steampunk Action, the flagship project of Dolphin Image Films,  currently in Pre-Pro

Dreams of the Creative

Writer, Producer, Director

Short Hallucinogenic Drama, "An aspiring writer must prove herself in the cruel landscape of LA while struggling to control her delusions", currently in Pre-Pro

The Creative Flare

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Lead Actor

Short Drama, 13-minute film shot in one afternoon with a crew of 4, project completed in 38 days, available here

Crimson Void

Key Production Assistant

Short Sci-Fi Horror, 28-minute short film shot in 4 days with a crew of 12 and a cast of 9, currently in Post

Dream for a New Year

Key Grip

Short Sci-Fi Drama, currently in Post

Miss Manners

1st Assistant Director

 Short Romantic Comedy, crew of 5, currently in Festivals


2nd Unit 1st Assistant Director

Short Sci-Fi Mystery, submitted to Sundance

Looking for Me

Script Supervisor

Short Children’s Drama, Graduate Thesis Film

Lemonade Stand


Short Political Satire, crew of 58, currently in Festivals

New Kid in Town

Grip & Electric

Short Bilingual Drama, crew of 74, currently in Festivals

Have Faith Not Questions

Writer & Director & Editor

Short Parody, currently in Film Festivals

Phantom Body

Boom Op & Set Decorator

Short Sci-Fi Horror, crew of 11, currently in Festivals


Production Assistant

Short Comedy, crew of 67, currently in Festivals

Lunch Date 

Grip & Electric

Short Romantic Comedy, currently in Festivals

Man vs Vending Machine

G&E, Script Supervisor

Short Comedy, crew of 8, currently in Festivals

Heavy Rain

Art Production Assistant

Short Drama, crew of 56, currently in Festivals


Production Assistant

Short Dark Comedy, crew of 54

Broken Branches

Production Assistant & 2nd Assistant Camera & Actor

Drama, Web Series, Currently in Timed Release

Life of Brain

Co Writer

Short Sci-Fi Drama, winner of 5 Festival Awards including Best Sci-Fi Short

Yard Sale

Writer, Cinematographer

Short Silent Drama, currently in Festivals