Never Stop Creating

On my business card, I'm a Crew Member.
In my mind, I'm a Filmmaker.
In my heart, I'm a Storyteller.


Short for Frequently Asked Questions, in case you didn't know.  

Why AndrewKFB?

Andrew is my name while the other three are my initials.  Indeed, I have two middle names.  

Are you a millennial?

Oui, take that for what you will.  

Saying yes in French? Wow, how multicultural of you, you showoff!

That's how it comes across, I understand.  But I believe the best way to learn is to practice frequently and in simple ways.  

Let's indulge your narcissism.  What are your best skills?

Thank you!  I pride myself in being able to healthily criticize a piece of art (be it films, music, games, designs or anything that tells a story) in a way that the creator can improve their craft.  

I also love to learn.  I'm proud to admit that I was that kid in class who asked a lot of questions and talked to the professor after class.  Even if said tools, crafts or fields are not ones I'll never personally apply in my daily life, I like picturing who it is for and how they would use it.  

Let's move along.  Favorite film production tools?

Final Draft for scripts, but Celtx was my first and will always have a special place in my heart!

For post, I'm an Adobe guy all the way.  Avid is great for features and Final Cut X is good for quick and simple projects, but the flow of Creative Cloud makes it my personal tool of choice.   

Favorite films?

I have a whole page of them!

Favorite genre?

None in particular.  Actually, many of my favorites blend one or several genres together.  

Cool.  I have many more questions though. 

Wonderful, message me either through one of the buttons down below!  I'd be happy to answer your questions!

Are the social links at the bottom the only ones you're on?

Nope, they are just the ones I frequently check and update.  I'm also on LinkedIn and Vimeo.  Check them out if you'd like, but they aren't where I put all of my focus on.