Never Stop Creating

On my business card, I'm a Crew Member.
In my mind, I'm a Filmmaker.
In my heart, I'm a Storyteller.

Answers and Codes

Crossword Answers


(1) Production Assistant
(2) Episode IX
(3) I am Ready


(4) Cloverfield Paradox
(5) National Typewriter Company

The Secret Code

Your Latest Film, Cloverfield Paradox; like
National Typewriter Company,
A Classic Misdirection. But
Are You Ready for Your Next Film? I Am Ready
to go be
What Many Filmmakers Start As;
a Production Assistant,
for the one and only
Episode IX.

The Highlighted Letters

If you filled in the Secret Code part correctly, cells with certain letters should be highlighted:


Remember that decoder ring mentioned in the Crossword description? I lied. You do need one for this!


What is 413-427-1489?
That would be my phone number!

That Last Page

Did anything feel odd about those last pages? Well lets break it down.

Victory Page

Notice how the capitalization isn't proper? Well, if you take the letters that are capitalized, you should get something like this:


Putting dots and dashes in the appropriate places creates the Solved Page. Needless to say, if you solved the puzzle, this is the page your on!

Cheat Page

The QR code takes you too the Cheater Page. The two pages are exactly the same, except one of them has a special banner if you cheated.

Top Credits

Looking for Me

Script Supervisor

  • Short Children’s Drama
  • Graduate Thesis Film
  • Accepted in the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

Crimson Void

Key Production Assistant

  • Short Sci-Fi Horror
  • 28-minute short film shot in 4 days with a crew of 12 and a cast of 9
  • Currently in Post.

Yard Sale

Writer, Cinematographer

  • Short Silent Drama
  • Currently in the Festival Circuit

Have Faith Not Questions

Writer, Director, Editor

  • Short Religious Parody
  • Currently in the Festival Circuit

Broken Branches

Production Assistant, 2nd Assistant Camera, Actor

  • Drama, Web Series
  • Available on YouTube

Man vs Vending Machine

G&E, Script Supervisor

  • Short Slapstick Comedy
  • Accepted into the Austin Film Festival


Full Sail University

M.F.A Film Production

  • October 2017
  • Class Valedictorian
  • Recieved Course Director's Award for "Directing Talent"

Sacred Heart University

B.S Business Administration and Marketing

  • December 2013
  • Specialization in Interntional Marketing


As listed in the Secret Code, my Cell Number is 1-413-427-1489.

The best email to reach me at is