Never Stop Creating

On my business card, I'm a Crew Member.
In my mind, I'm a Filmmaker.
In my heart, I'm a Storyteller.

You may not see this page until after the official day.  Still, I hope the sentiment remains the same :-)

No Puzzles This Time

I just wanted to remind you all to enjoy a May the 4th. 

I'm fully aware of how busy you all are, but I hope the gesture means well enough!

Though I will remind you that I'd love to help.

So What's New?

I'm currently the Vice President of Marketing for Dolphin Image,

a brand new film production company based in Orlando, FL.

This means building out the company's website, social media presence,

and online brand while preparing campaigns to market the company

and it's upcoming films (one short and one feature by the year's end).


 I also still upload to my YouTube Channel.

Here's my latest video in case you're interested.

I've also updated my Reel to be shorter and more succinct.


I've also just finished the Shot List for a 9-page short I'm working on.

It's title is The Creative Flare.

You'll see what it means soon!

My goal is to be

a production assistant

for Episode IX.


Now Call me crazy,

But I am not giving up.

I know I'm Ready.



I hope all is well and may the force be with you!