Never Stop Creating

On my business card, I'm a Crew Member.
In my mind, I'm a Filmmaker.
In my heart, I'm a Storyteller.

What's in a PA?

We are the grease to the film-making machine.

We adapt, We buffer, We get it done.

The best PA's are amazing improvisors,

always adapting to new information and tools

to find the best way to make the project happen.


The Creative Flare was a short conceived as a micro-budget exercise in making a short as fast as possible. Two hours before principal photography, our lead actor was hit by a car and rushed to the ER. Our lead actress’ wardrobe had been stolen by her bailed roommate. Our extras canceled. Our DP’s camera was malfunctioning. It was a rough two hours.

But we drove to our locations and filmed with a spare camera, with me jumping in as the lead actor. Due to malfunctioning equipment, our coverage came up short, but we had a film with a story that came out under budget and on time.
— The Creative Flare
At Full Sail University, my class intended to film an elementary school-based coming-of-age short for our class Thesis Project. Everything was running smoothly until, three weeks before principal photography, our single location backed out. In that remaining three weeks, my class of five gathered all the friends and resources we could muster and built an elementary school inside our university’s soundstage. As a result, we were able to film our entire short there over four days, getting extra coverage and coming up under budget.
— Looking for Me
I was originally asked to be a Script Supervisor on a short film that a friend from Full Sail was creating. Upon flying from LA to Orlando for it, there was a change in plan. A crew member who was asked to PA had become disabled and asked that she work as Script Supervisor instead. As a result, we swapped positions at the time. Due to the Gaffers and Camera team having to cancel at the last minute, I assisted the DP and Cam Op to compensate. Over that four day shoot, I was working as PA, 2nd AC, Gaffer, Best Boy, Set Construction and Visual Effects Supervisor. I was ultimately credited as a Key PA given my ability to make the set run efficiently, on-schedule and on-budget.
— Crimson Void
On another Full Sail University thesis project, I was asked to assist the Script Supervisor for the four-day shoot. Our first location was acquired pro bono as it was scheduled to be demolished a week after we were filming. When we arrived for the first day, unbeknownst to the crew, the demolition had moved its schedule forward. The building wasn’t gone, but the workers were clearing the building of our furniture and art to prepare for it. We worked with the crew to keep certain pieces in the location and were allowed to film there for the remainder of the day. We successfully got all the coverage for that location while workers continued to clear it as we filmed there.
— Lemonade Stand


The Creative Flare

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Lead Actor

Looking for Me

Script Supervisor

Broken Branches

Production Assistant, 2nd Assistant Camera, Extra

Yard Sale

Writer, Cinematographer

Dreams of the Creative

Writer, Producer, Director

Crimson Void

Key PA

Have Faith, Not Questions

Writer, Director, Editor

Man vs Vending Machine

Script Supervisor, Gaffer

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