Never Stop Creating

On my business card, I'm a Crew Member.
In my mind, I'm a Filmmaker.
In my heart, I'm a Storyteller.

Ongoing Projects

Some projects I like to pute out and update on a regular basis. Most of these are related to my passion for film, but I also like to experiment occasionally.

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Andrewkfb Films

Andrewkfb Films is a YouTube channel I update with videos for young and busy filmmakers like myself.

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Andrewkfb Watch

I try to keep up with the latest movies as much as I can. I often find that talking about them helps solidify my thoughts on them. And that’s exactly what this is; a podcast where I see a new movie and give my first impressions of it. I try to find what’s a good about the film, what could use some work and also the type of people who would enjoy the film.