Never Stop Creating

On my business card, I'm a Crew Member.
In my mind, I'm a Filmmaker.
In my heart, I'm a Storyteller.

The Creative Flare is complete!

This project was an exercise in making a film as fast as possible.

In this case, it took 35 days between the Script being locked and the Master being exported.

The next project I have in mind will be a different exercise.

But for now, The Creative Flare is here!

I hope you enjoy it!


This is probably a good time to explain why I'm doing this.

It's pretty simple; If I want a job, what's the best way to prove I am ready?

By Doing It.

Write, Plan, Film, Edit and Present a short in a month?

Seems like a fair test, even for a self-imposed one.

It was well worth it, like any filming experience!


All of this is in service of my goal;

Being a PA for Episode IX.

As I've said in my previous parcels, I'd be a valuable asset to the set.

If there's any questions about this, please contact me at 1-413-427-1489.

I made a short film in a month to prove I can walk the walk.

I can provide any other form of proof you'd like.


In any case, it's a busy time for you all and I want to be respectful of that.

Here's my reel and my latest YouTube video for when you have a few minutes.

I hope all is well in your world and that we speak soon!